Marker 33 Sold Real Estate Data

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AddressList PriceSale PriceBr/BaLiving Area/sfMaint./moSPS/s.f.DOMClosing Date
520 S Peninsula Avenue #1C4 $248,000 $237,000 2/2 1150 $360 $206 119 09/19/2014
520 S. Peninsula Avenue #2D6 $249,900 $245,000 2/2 1150 $360 $213 345 07/31/2014
520 S. Peninsula Avenue #102 $239,000  $215,000 2/2  1000 $360 $215 29 05/23/2013

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Note - Condo sales information is compiled from the NSB MLS through cooperative broker sales and the Volusia County Property Appraiser website. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Content authored by Cas Summers

Last Updated on 05/09/2016